About Us

Welcome to Peachy Bin Vintage!

 Born in Sydney, Australia, our ultimate Saturday morning starts with a coffee and croissant from a local cafe which would lead to searching piles upon piles of items to find the best vintage streetwear. What began as a hobby has now turned into Peachy Bin Vintage, so it's time to spread the love. To us vintage clothing is more than just "old, used clothes". Vintage clothing sparks creativity and brightens streetwear culture, without compromising on quality and style. Do you ever walk down the street and feel like everyone is wearing the same thing? With vintage streetwear you can stand out and feel great about your wardrobe choices.

Here at Peachy Bin Vintage we believe that fashion choices should not have a negative effect on the environment nor should you feel guilty about filling up landfill to achieve the perfect wardrobe! Fast fashion should be a thing of the past and clothing that is vintage/second hand is the future. 

 At PBV all our packaging is made from recycled materials to give our customers an unboxing experience without the unnecessary plastic packaging that often comes with fast fashion. Thanks to our friends at No Issue, we are a part of the Eco Packaging Alliance, which helps to plant trees in places of need all over the world.

Thank you for support in purchasing our vintage streetwear. We hope you enjoy wearing them as much as we enjoyed sourcing them xo

p.s don't forget to tag us in all your incredible outfits!